brown bolo 
57   Floating Islands  70.2
A whip-like creature found in the skies surrounding Tharl Oom Khash in the Churning Mists.
For most of the sun's turn, the brown bolo will hang stationary from the bottoms of the Churning Mists' floating landmasses. When prey flies or floats by, however, the bolo will throw itself from the crags and wrap around the unsuspecting victim, choking it into submission before propelling itself back to the crag face to feed.


The Churning Mists
Tharl Oom Khash55

Time Zone

 (Number: 654 ET )


(Number: 630)


(Number: 188)
Allagan Silver Piece
Yellow Pigment
Fine Sand
Water Crystal (1~3)
Wind Crystal (1~3)


rudderfish (Mooch)
red balloon53
giant crane fly60


指定採集 Solo Out the Bolo
x:10 y:10
It is said the dragons use malefic magicks upon their ancient scalekin cousins, turning the creatures into mindless slaves of the Horde. Why are the scalekin so susceptible to control? Could it be something in their blood? 'Twould be a fool's errand to attempt to capture a turned archaeosaur to learn of its temperament. Naturalists, however, have suggested the brown bolo as an alternative─the latter being far easier to manage and experiment with.
56brown bolo× 2
指定採集 Sucking on Face (L)
x:10 y:10
With the opening of the Churning Mists, more curious fishermen have stumbled upon the terrain unprepared for what lies above. Therefore, the predatory brown bolo have acquired a taste and grown fat on eyes, noses, and lips, leaving the area littered with faceless corpses. Make for the Mists and cull the population of the vile fiends before they grow larger and become a pest even knights would have to contend with.
56brown bolo× 4


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brown bolo - Cat became hungry